Ditch The Should's | Tip Tuesday

Jan 12, 2021

Here's another installment of Tip Tuesday, how to change the script to stay motivated. We often say things that hold us back from reaching our goals, check out this video for more info on what to replace with the word "should."

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Thank you so much for joining me today. So we're going to continue our talk on habit formation

and really looking at some of the words that we tend to use that hold us back from reaching our goals.  

This week we're going to talk about the shoulds. What we want to do is actually ditch these words that hold us back. Last week, I talked about how to distill big goals into small actions that you can do every day.

If you missed that one, here’s the link

Think about some of the words that you tend to use in your daily life that hold you back. For me, this word “should” tends to come up a lot and I'm really trying hard not to use it every day.

This word in and of itself does imply guilt around the thing that we want or need to do. So by saying I “should” climb today, puts some sort of shame or feeling of guilt around it.

You're basically giving power over to this external thing by

saying “should”. This word tends to rear its ugly head when our motivation starts to plummet and so by saying I “should” do my workout today can really kill your momentum and it's important to know that the words that we use often have a very big impact on how we act and how we feel. Words are really powerful. They can make us, or they can break us.

I want you to really think about the words that you use on a regular basis, especially when it comes to talking about yourself or talking about the actions that you need to do in order to reach your goal. So instead of using the word should today, I want you to use the word “I want” or “I choose.”

What this does is put the priorities in front of everything else. And if there is a conflict, let's say you can't really get your workout done right now, it at least gives you a chance to make a plan B. 

What you can do is say, “okay, I really want to do this. I choose or I want to do my workout and I plan to do it at this time.” And sometimes even just by saying that, you'll actually find time earlier on or maybe in that moment. You've somehow freed up some space in order to do the thing you need to do. 

By saying that “I want or I choose to” and then creating a plan you're taking full responsibility for your actions. And this is really powerful. I know it can maybe feel a little scary

AND by taking full responsibility for it, you'll say, ‘yes, this is the goal I really want to achieve

and this is the action that I've created for myself in order to do that. I have to take responsibility. I want to do this.” 

So today for five minutes, I want you to try this. Think of one thing that you've been wanting to do. I want you to write that down and write down as your plan B, so you’ll say “I want or I choose to do” whatever it is and then “have a plan B and I will do this at this time.”

So by doing this you are already taking full responsibility for your actions.

Join me next week for another tip Tuesday. We're going to keep working on forming these habits, continuing to progress your momentum and hopefully get you through the whole rest of the year by using these simple tips.

Thank you so much for joining me on this week's tip Tuesday. Join me next week because we're going to be talking about motivation.