Our step-by-step program for improving your shoulder mobility, grip strength and pulling power.

Hang Tough Now!


This program is designed for all fitness levels & abilities. Our 4-tier program means that there is a workout suitable for everyone!

Now with an expanded version to include weighted hangs to prepare climbers for finger strength training.

 "In just two workouts a week, Hanging Tough enabled me to do a one arm hang for a few seconds on each arm by week 3. I began the program at Level 2, after taking the self-assessments included in the program. So I could already hang (two armed) for a minute straight. But I'd never been able to lift my feet off the ground in a one arm hang before. I'm excited to see where Level 3 of the program takes me!"

- Sandi


 "Hanging tough helped improve my hanging endurance- sure to be helpful for my aerial hobby where I spend a bit of time hanging from hands!"

- Cindi



Designed to help you track your progress and let you know where to start.


Our 4-tier hanging program has workouts suitable for all levels.


You'll receive detailed video tutorials and a workout PDF.

"Hanging Tough has given me a good self-assessment so I know where to start. The workouts are challenging but spaced appropriately so it is doable and I can feel successful. I just got started but it seems to be a simple, very accessible program. I also love the tutorials and VERY structured and organized information on the website!"

- Clarence

"I did 3 weeks of Hanging Tough until I started my new HS programming and loved it. I am looking forward to getting back to it soon. One arm hangs with control are my goal and I can see progress already. Plus my forearms and grip are getting stronger which is helping with my HS practice."

- Noreen


The shoulder was designed to brachiate, the first step to this is to hang.

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  • An “almost magic” way to improve your shoulder mobility.
  • A training program that will increase shoulder strength and improve your pull-ups, one-arm pull-ups and levers.
  • A good variety of exercises to make the hanging workouts fun and challenging.
  • Increased grip strength as well as tips and tricks to keep your hands healthy.
  • Now with a new weighted hangs phase, this program will prepare you for finger strength gains as a beginner and intermediate climber.

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"Hanging Tough had been a game changer for me. With the structure of the program I've pushed (or "hung") way being what I thought were my limits. Also, I leave each session feeling amazing. Adding hanging work into a lifting routine gives my muscles exactly the sort of change that they need to feel happy."

- Maura

"I am in the middle of hanging tough and helps a Lot to Focus on my weak spots gripping strength and endurance. IT IS also a fun Challenge between my daughter and mySelf. The perfect lockdown program."

- Konrad

Take Your Grip and Shoulder Strength To The Next Level With Hanging Tough

4-tier program to suit your level, 12 week easy to follow and super fun program!

"Using the Hanging Tough program has helped me to be more focused and consistent in my practice. I appreciate how clear the instructions and videos are and I can understand how if I just follow the program, then I will consistently gain strength. Thank you!"


"I love the way the hanging tough is programmed. It suits well with all the other things I do and the videos are clear and not too long."

- Milly