Our step-by-step program for improving your shoulder mobility, grip strength and pulling power.



This program is designed for all fitness levels & abilities. Our 4-tier program means that there is a workout suitable for everyone!

Now with an expanded version to include weighted hangs to prepare climbers for finger strength training.


Designed to help you track your progress and let you know where to start.


Our 4-tier hanging program has workouts suitable for all levels.


You'll receive detailed video tutorials and a workout PDF.


The shoulder was designed to brachiate, the first step to this is to hang.

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  • An “almost magic” way to improve your shoulder mobility.
  • A training program that will increase shoulder strength and improve your pull-ups, one-arm pull-ups and levers.
  • A good variety of exercises to make the hanging workouts fun and challenging.
  • Increased grip strength as well as tips and tricks to keep your hands healthy.
  • Now with a new weighted hangs phase, this program will prepare you for finger strength gains as a beginner and intermediate climber.

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Take Your Grip and Shoulder Strength To The Next Level With Hanging Tough

4-tier program to suit your level, 12 week easy to follow and super fun program!

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In just two workouts a week, Hanging Tough enabled me to do a one arm hang for a few seconds on each arm by week 3. I began the program at Level 2, after taking the self-assessments included in the program. So I could already hang (two armed) for a minute straight. But I'd never been able to lift my feet off the ground in a one arm hang before. I'm excited to see where Level 3 of the program takes me! - Sandi


I recently completed the 4-week Hanging Tough program with a goal to improve grip strength and hanging endurance. The gains I achieved in a relatively short time has given me the confidence and ability to work other skills without worrying about my grip failing or taking away from the primary focus of the movement! - Ben


I’m in my first week of hanging tough. I love the warm ups. I feel ready to get hanging and feel confident I won’t hurt myself because I’ve properly warmed up. I love the different grips used I can already tell I’m getting stronger! - Laura


Your programs help me by giving me a plan to follow, providing me with challenges and they’re all very clear and easy to follow. One thing I love about hanging tough are the different levels! -Ccharlie


Hang Tough has some very interesting new moves that hit the back in completely new ways. The explanations are clear and simple so I have certainty I’m doing everything correctly. There are many regressions for everything so as I tire, I am confident in taking it down a notch. - Naomi


Hanging tough has made realize I have muscles in my upper back that I did not know existed. - Peter


My grip strength improved quite a bit since starting the hanging tough program. I was also more aware of my scapular movement and this help in my overhead mobility when practising handstand. - Ingrid

Hanging tough helped improve my hanging endurance- sure to be helpful for my aerial hobby where I spend a bit of time hanging from hands! - Cindi


I have started the Hanging Tough program and even though I'm suppose to do the workout 2-3 times a week, I even enjoy doing just the warmup on the days off to keep me limber and ready to go for my workout days. Also, the no equipment workouts are so great because it means I don't need anything but just my body and it is still very challenging. - Adrienne


I have just started Hanging Tough program and I have already noticed that an ongoing point of strain in my right shoulder/bicep area is starting to go away. I had been dealing with a tightness from some sort of imbalance and I am already seeing improvement in mobility without pain. I am happy to report that I am more easily able to raise my hands straight overhead without discomfort that I felt just a couple of weeks ago. I am feeling more confident in the stability of that area and I know it will translate to more progress in my handstands. I’m so happy I started Hanging Tough! - Heather


Hanging Tough has given me a good self-assessment so I know where to start. The workouts are challenging but spaced appropriately so it is doable and I can feel successful. I just got started but it seems to be a simple, very accessible program. I also love the tutorials and VERY structured and organized information on the website! - Clarence


I did 3 weeks of Hanging Tough until I started my new HS programming and loved it. I am looking forward to getting back to it soon. One arm hangs with control are my goal and I can see progress already. Plus my forearms and grip are getting stronger which is helping with my HS practice. - Noreen


I am in the middle of hanging tough and helps a Lot to Focus on my weak spots gripping strength and endurance. IT IS also a fun Challenge between my daughter and mySelf. The perfect lockdown program. - Konrad


I'm currently doing the hanging tough program and have worked my way through Stretch Mechanic. Hanging tough has helped my mental game more than anything in the past few weeks since I started it, knowing I can be on my arms for longer than I previously thought and it's opened a number of possibilities that I hadn't considered before in my sport climbing. Stretch mechanic gave me a lot of confidence in being able to actually train functional flexibility, and while I didn't finish the program on the first go (back injury from strength training) I've since picked it back up and found benefits in my balance and footwork/placement because of a better range of motion in both my hips and ankle dorsiflexion which is not something I had ever even previously considered to be a limiting factor - Dylan


It's been great for me to go back to the beginning and address deficiencies in the foundations of shoulder mobility and scapula strength.

The program is easy to follow and brilliantly targeted.

The assessments are humbling with good scope for growth for all levels.

Thank you! - Danny


I was a solid V2-3 with the occasional V4 when I started simple strength. It really improved my core tension/zipping up which led to much better control on slopers and overhangs as well as noticeably strengthening my shoulders and triceps for mantling. I then started minimalist flexibility, which fed into my climbing gains- I felt so much stronger and in control on the wall! Im now flashing up to V4 and regularly bagging V5s- I got a lifetime record of 4xV5 problems in one week! It has also helped my running- its counteracting the stiffness and niggling injuries. It feels great on my joints as prehab/conditioning as well as strengthing. Its the first time I've done dedicated training off the wall for climbing, and I love how it doesn't need a lot of kit and suggests deloading/switching after 4 weeks- now going to try hang tough! - Noami


I started the Hanging Tough Program because I have always wanted to work on pullups. Through the program, I realized how underdeveloped my hanging strength is and that I need to take smaller steps to gain pulling strength before immediately jumping to pullups. With the hanging tough program, my shoulders feel really great and loose and I am noticing myself building shoulder strength. Next goal—pullups! - Tamara


I've enjoyed hanging tough because it has given me a easy to use progressive program which has at last motivated me to start a routine for strengthening my shoulders. - Neil


I have been doing hanging tough for a couple of weeks. Clear instructions, fun and challenging excercises. I feel more open in my shoulders and less stiff in wrists and forearms. Easy to fit into my regular training. - Lotta


Hanging tough gives good structure to a hanging program. And it doesn't take long. - Jason

I have felt progress in my elbow pain which was having an impact in my handstand and pull up training, i guess it had to do with grip and forearm strength imbalances - Gabriel


I am only on week 2 of the HANGING PROGRAM but i really like it so far. i have burnt out on trying to get a chin/pull up so took a break and am doing the hanging program - Tracy


I loved Hanging Tough. Having a clear programming that gave me direction on how to progress makes it easier for me to stick to training. I feel stronger and can hang for longer already! (I’m only on week 3) - Natalia


Hanging tough has been fun so far. I have been considering working on the one arm hang and this program came along, giving some validation that it is a worthwhile goal. - Sarah


Hanging Though had been a game changer for me. With the structure of the program I've pushed (or "hung") way being what I thought were my limits. Also, I leave each session feeling amazing. Adding hanging work into a lifting routine gives my muscles exactly the sort of change that they need to feel happy. - Maura


Just started hanging tough and it feels awesome! - Olga


Your program has helped me identify a forearm restriction in supinated grip that I wasn't fully aware of and is part of why I have issues with certain moves. I'm now focusing on learning to hang in this grip using your methods. - Tina


Hanging Tough is a very specialized program for beginners to start their first pull ups. I loved the way the program is structured as well a practice schedule is laid out with timings and reps which gets done in less than 10 mins a day! - Shafali


in the hanging tough program i really like that i can choose the amount of time im hanging by what i'm capable of. So you say I should hang one minute, but if i do 60 times one second or 3 times 20 seconds or whatever, relates on my strength capacity.

I also like that there are different levels. So I neither get bored nor i am out of my depth. - Tanja


The hanging tough program has been a real bonus addition to my training. I love doing it - and there have been clear improvements in my grip strength, my shoulder strength and mobility, and my endurance. As well, my pull ups are much stronger and I reached a new PB. Finally, this program has made me want to learn more and do more!

Thank you +++ - Lisa


I started Hanging Tough because I wanted to improve the amount of time I can chill on a move while figuring out beta while climbing, without my shoulders getting taxed. I already feel stronger, two weeks in, the biggest difference I've noticed is that when I hangboard now my shoulders are no longer the reason I fail a hang, and hangboarding truly feels like a forearm and finger workout for me now. Hanging Tough is great, super challenging, but at the same time it feels difficult to hurt myself doing this program even if I try super hard, which I appreciate since I'm prone to overtraining. - Allison


The Hanging Tough program, although just a week in, has already improved my grip strength and has begun to correct a mild scoliosis - Mark


Following the Hanging Tough program, I'm slowly increasing my passive hang time, coming from unable to even do a supported hang for 10secs to full passive hangs for 2mins in 20sec blocks. - Amelia


Using the Hanging Tough program has helped me to be more focused and consistent in my practice. I appreciate how clear the instructions and videos are and I can understand how if I just follow the program, then I will consistently gain strength. Thank you! -April


I love the way the hanging tough is programmed. It suits well with all the other things I do and the videos are clear and not too long. - Milly

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