14. Strength Training For Every BODY | How To Tailor Strength Training To Your Needs

In this podcast, we talk about the importance of strength training for climbers, and cover in-depth the 5 fundamental movement patterns that you should focus on as a climber and human. We talk about where to start with each one and how to progress or regress the exercises to suit your needs. We also talk about whether you actually need to train your end ranges as a newer trainee and the common mistakes that occur that lead to injury.

We hope that this information arms you with the confidence to start strength training. We talked about the stick hinge, here's the link to learn the movement, a super old video, but a good one lol https://youtu.be/NPHXCwVV-LE

If you want to get started with training, we have a webinar The Ultimate Guide To Your First Training Program that includes strength training with climbing drills. You can sign up for here Right here!

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